Contract Manufacturing


JO Pharma offers contract manufacturing facilities for reputed pharmaceutical organizations. We have GMP certified manufacturing facilities and a team of professionally qualified people overseeing manufacturing processes. Our contract manufacturing facility offers formulation of tablets, capsules and syrups with the strictest quality processes carried out in clean room conditions. We can also take care of packing with our in-house facilities for tablets and capsules.

Raw materials are sourced only from internationally reputed organizations, checked for quality and documented before being taken into production. At each stage there are further checks and the final lot is tested according to our parameters and parameters specified by clients. Buyers are assured of consistency from batch to batch.

Distribution Network


JO Pharma  possesses a strong distribution network with its own fleet of vehicles to ensure timely and safe delivery of cargo to wholesale distribution points. From here we work in arrangements with logistics solutions providers to make sure that products ordered in small or large quantity reach our wholesalers. The whole process is computerized along with inventory so that we have information at our fingertips about stock levels and movement of goods in transit.

Overseen by our logistics department, this process ensures that at no point down the chain will anyone be lacking in stocks. Pharmaceuticals are time sensitive perishables and we achieve a fine balance by analysing local requirements and replenishing stocks at just the right levels to avoid problems of expiry dates.